Christian & Samantha - Manitoba Friendly Story.

Christian & Samantha  - Manitoba Friendly Story.

March 07, 2021

Christian: “A story about Samantha... Actually I was friends with her brother first, and met her through him. As I got to know Samantha, she told me her story about how she had a little bit of a rough upbringing. She had a stroke when she was about 18 months old, she was in and out of hospitals forever, she’s beaten cancer two times– she’s 29. Her attitude is just so amazing, compared to what she's been through. She has the biggest heart that i've honestly seen in any of my friends. Even today we’re going to church, I forgot a mask and we met a guy who was asking for change. So she goes into a store, buys a granola bar, and gives it to the man. She comes back in the car and says “Also I got you masks, because you didn't have one.” That's just today, I can just go on and on about Samantha here and all the experiences that we've had. She is so giving to her family, she's so supportive. Because we are Christian, in this relationship with Jesus we have, he just wants people to serve others. That's what it's all about. It’s not about ‘you're wrong!’, what He preached is that you serve. He was sent in the spirit of a servant, and that's what He did. That is what I have really experienced with Samantha– there's still physical pains, there's suffering in the world, but she has just had such an awesome attitude about it all. Her brother has been a big help, her mom has been a great example of what it's like to just love unconditionally… I've just noticed that about Samantha, because she has been so helped, she can do nothing but just do the exact same for others. That's all she knows. She sees what it's like having someone to lean on, to be cared for, when you're feeling down, to have someone that you know is going to be there. That's what I've experienced with Samantha. You see what she's experienced, and how now she's like “Oh yeah, it just makes sense for me to give and buy people things, and to make them feel special because I know what it's like to have my needs met”... So we’re just enjoying the weather here today and we’re just going to you know…”
Samantha: “Live Life.”
Christian: “...that's all we can do right?”
-Christian & Samantha
Manitoba Friendly Story.