Cody - Manitoba Friendly Story.

Cody  - Manitoba Friendly Story.

March 08, 2021

“So actually just a little bit ago, while it was crazy cold, I went to start my car. Of course you know it did not start. So I was like, I’ll call a friend to boost me. I went to go check to see if I had booster cables in my trunk – the thing is, I have only one door key, since it's an older car. So I go to unlock my trunk and the key snapped off in the lock. So now I was locked out of my car, it wouldn’t start, it was a whole ordeal. But my friends really just stepped up for me. I had a friend just drop everything, jump in her truck, come down and try to boost me– it didn't work. I had to get to work that day so another friend who was my person designated to come to my household [referring to Covid-19 restrictions] also dropped everything, got me to work that day and the next day, and picked me up and got me home from work at like 11 at night. That is kind of, I think, a typical thing for people that I know, they’re so willing to drop things and help a person when they really need it.”
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