Cassidy - Manitoba Friendly Story.

Cassidy  - Manitoba Friendly Story.

March 06, 2021

“It was a few years ago... I live in an apartment building so I was driving to my parking spot but there was a bunch of snow in it, and being the foolish person I am decided to just try to get in there even though I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to. I drive a honda civic, so I kind of got stuck halfway into my stall. My ‘stall-neighbor’ I guess you could say helped me, he used his bare hands in the middle of winter to dig the snow out from underneath my car. I was still stuck after that, and I guess I am not the best driver, so I couldn’t get out still. So he got into my car and had to drive it out and eventually we got out okay. But I think just the fact that he used his bare hands, I was very impressed. I had never even met him before that.”
Manitoba Friendly Story.