Thanks for having us!

March 01, 2021

We started this project with one goal in mind; to highlight and celebrate the people who give our prairie home its friendly reputation.

From yellow wheat fields flowing beneath blue prairie skies, to jack pines teetering over shimmering lakes, to guillemots traversing rocky shores on Hudson Bay; the natural beauty of our province has given us a lifetime of inspiration. It is these sights and sounds that informed the look of our flagship 'Classic' collection, but it is the people of this province who gave us our name. 

We got started printing tee shirts with some old screen-printing screens our neighbour gave to us, an act of generosity which both allowed us to pursue our idea and affirmed to us that we were on to something. We shared our idea throughout our community, along the way hearing stories of the hope, integrity, and generosity of Manitobans all around us.

We documented these stories to share them with others, in the hopes that we can be a small part in celebrating the incredible character of Manitoba that makes us proud to call this province home. 

It all comes back to that first idea we had; people here are more than just friendly, they're Manitoba Friendly. 

-The Manitoba Friendly Team