Heather - Manitoba Friendly Story

Heather - Manitoba Friendly Story

November 22, 2021

“So our neighbours from home, I don’t even know how to describe them but our neighbours from home, like in Thompson growing up - I call them my Aunt and Uncle. They’re like a second family.

They moved out to the Lake, then they moved to Teulon. My uncle was really good at woodworking and he built a wishing well, like one of those wooden wishing wells with the shakers. He passed away like fifteen-ish years ago? And so, nothing’s really been done with it, it hasn’t been kept up but it’s just sat in the yard in Teulon. So my Aunt was trying to decide “What should I do with this, should I sell it? How much should I sell it for?” and two out of the three of her kids said “Just give it away, it owes you nothing, somebody else will enjoy it, just, just give it away, why try to make money off of it?” So she did, she found somebody who she doesn’t really know, and gave it to them.

A couple weeks later, they brought it back. They had polished it up and cleaned it up and they brought it back to her yard and put it back in her ground where it was for her. Isn’t that so nice? So so nice.”


Manitoba Friendly Story